What To Write

It’s hard to come up with just the right thing to say.
That paralyzing fear of a blank canvas strikes.
Even if you’re not an artist standing in front of a would-be painting, you’ve felt that uncomfortable knot in your stomach and made an attempt to complete everything else on your list before coming back to that empty page.

But what to write?

Perhaps it’s easier to just stand in front of the rack of cards at the store and open each one until you land upon a sentiment that’s close to what you were trying to express.

Then again, you really wanted the recipient to feel what you’re feeling for them, and you value a meaningful connection

Otherwise it becomes the dreaded small talk conversation.

You offer a smile.
And a hello.
And then maybe a comment about the weather.
But you leave feeling unfulfilled and wondering why you’ve just had a relatively meaningless conversation-if you can call it that- with someone.
It may be someone you know or an elevator companion or the clerk.
You wonder if they care about the answer.
You wonder if you care.

Here are some ways to take what you expect to be a boring, time filler topic and make it meaningful and memorable.




What to Write…

about the weather
about the day
about food
about travel
to a child
when you can’t fix it