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5 Tips For “Hit of the Party” Table Centerpieces

Whether creating centerpieces for an intimate cocktail hour, long banquet display, or sit down dinner place settings, here are 5 tips to adding fabulous accents to your event.


“Hit of the Party” Centerpieces…


1 – Tell Your Story
Play off the theme of the celebration and make your reason for gathering clear. Share your “how you got here” story with your guests.


2 – Are Size Appropriate
Leave a place to set food and drink and be sure your guests can see each other across the table, but also make them big enough to be noticed and feel purposeful.


3 – Bring Beauty To The Space
Tie all your design elements together. Show off the little details and craftsmanship in a classy, elegant way.


4 – Provide Order
Besides looking great, your centerpiece can designate table numbers, seating arrangements, menu items, specialty drinks, or even a thank you message to your guests.


5 – Start a Conversation
Make a connection beyond typical small talk. Initiate “remember when…” “did you know…” or even a “me too !” that make the event even more memorable.