what to write when you can’t fix it


Sometimes you just can’t fix it.
Sometimes you have to just sit there and be present, and that’s all you can do.
It’s hard. But sometimes, that’s everything to someone.

You have no idea what to say. And maybe the person doesn’t even know what she wants or needs to hear.

You can offer, “It’s great to see you” or an “I’m here for you.”

You know she‘d love to hear from you and she probably doesn’t even care if you discuss what you did the last time you were together.

Did you drive together or meet up there?
Whose idea was it?
Who picked the place?
Were there special preparations to attend, or was it a spontaneous thing?
What time of day was it? Is that usually when you’re out and about?
Did you try something new or continue a long standing tradition?

All of a sudden you have a much more intriguing story to share.
Your friend feels like she’s sharing the moment with you.
Your last gathering details don’t seem quite so boring and are post card worthy.

When you’re wondering what to write, take something  – like the last time you saw her – and make it meaningful and memorable.


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