what to write in a thank you card


Handwritten thank you’s never go out of style.


Struggling with what to write?


It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Sometimes a simple thank you is more than enough, especially since you made the extra effort to stop during your day, think about what you wanted to express, and then wrote it out.


Start with the person’s name.
Say you appreciate the gift or the gesture.


Explain how you are using the item, or how you felt when you opened the box, or add another detail.


Mention something specific about the person from when you visited or when you’ll see them next.
Finish with a final thank you in a different way, and choose a way to add your name – such as “sincerely,” or “many thanks.”


All of a sudden you have a much more intriguing story to share.
Your friend feels like she’s sharing the moment with you.
The details don’t seem quite so boring and are post card worthy.


When you’re wondering what to write, take something  – like your genuine thanks – and make it meaningful and memorable.




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