what to write FALL COLLECTION reveal

Fall has always meant reds, browns, and oranges to me.  But other friends think of golds and yellows as they crunch through the discarded leaves or hug their jackets just a little tighter in the brisk air.

This year, the shedding branches seem brighter and lighter in hue.

I’ll be honest – I gravitate toward silver tones over gold for cabinet hardware and table legs. But the copper and gold metallics in papers, heat embossing powder and envelopes offer a fun chance to experiment with colors I don’t choose as often.

gold envelopes

You’ve been wanting to say a quick thank you or dash off a quick hello to a friend, but it always gets dropped off the to do list.

It seems like a lot of work to sit down and capture all the activities and interests flying around your head that you might share.

The harvest festival card designs each have a sentence starter to make it quick, but thoughtful to send a meaningful message out to friends and family this season.

Each kit includes two fall card templates – an *EASY* version and an *ADVANCED* version – which really only depends on your comfort with your home printer capabilities.

The two size choices provide a fresh look for pumpkin and leaf artwork.

autumn leaves falling

Answer the prompts any way you please.

They’re constructed to allow for multiple interpretations, so use your pdf software to type in the editable fields and print away!
Or, delete the sample text and fill in the blanks with your favorite pen.

Who knows, maybe as you sit composing your thoughts the sunlight will illuminate more of the golds out your window and add a little glitter and smiles to your day.
give thanks card.jpg


Take a look at the what to write fall collection!



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