what to write about the day


The dreaded small talk conversation.
You offer a smile.
And a hello.
And then maybe a comment on the laundry list of items in your daily routine.
But you leave feeling unfulfilled and wondering why you’ve just had a relatively meaningless conversation-if you can call it that- with someone.
It may be someone you know or an elevator companion or the clerk.
You wonder if they care about the answer.
You wonder if you care.

You finally sit down to pen a note to a friend, but all you can think about are the same quips about your schedule today.
You know she ‘d love to hear from you and she probably doesn’t even care if you discuss all the little things you did (or didn’t) accomplish).

It’s okay to talk about your day.

But what if you turn a complaint about your never ending to do list into an observation about one small moment that you noticed?
How did you feel when you completed your task?
Who helped you get it done?
What tiny item was different in how you usually get the job done?
Did you move the chore to a different location in the house?
Where was your mind wandering when you chipped away at that repetitive project?

All of a sudden you have a much more intriguing story to share.
Your friend feels like she’s sharing the moment with you.

When you’re wondering what to write, take something  – like your daily tasks – and make it meaningful and memorable.



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