what I love about what I do

what I love

Getting the right color – not just the one she’s settling for from the limited selection of choices is one of my favorite things to do for a client. When someone contacts me because she likes the general envelopes listed, but wants a different quantity, I can’t help but make sure it’s the color she really, truly wants.

I enjoy the hunt of tracking down something that encompasses her event even through the challenges of being in a digital space with the variances of computer monitors and image quality, and I spend (maybe way too much) time finding the choices that coordinate with her scheme. It makes a huge difference to have paper samples or a Pantone chart in my studio to reference. Then I can make a better recommendation from the small, sometimes unclear, or varied snapshots found online.

Clients are always appreciative of the effort because they want their stationery to look beautiful and represent the occasion.

One bride, Kelly, asked for a larger quantity of a mint green envelope. However after a few messages back and forth I realized her wedding colors were pink and a very pale green. It turned out that a metallic serpentine hue transformed her order from being good enough to Wow!
I was able to complete the look she was going for. That makes my day.



Occasionally I participate in a craft show and always meet such wonderful artists.  One time, the woman in the booth next to me was a talented seamstress and was selling baking aprons.  She noticed one of my owl art pieces and we chatted about her mother’s love for the bird and how her birthday was approaching.

All I had was a matted print on display.  I didn’t have the same artwork in a greeting card format that she was hoping for.  As the weekend went on, I had some downtime and was drawing several thank you notes for myself.  It was fairly easy to hide my paper from her as I re-created the owl as a surprise.  The look of joy on her face after I packed my car and stopped back to hand her the finished card for her mom made my less-than-stellar sales weekend worth it.


Sharing a moment and getting someone excited about receiving a gift are just a few of the things I love about what I do.


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