unfolding stories

unfolding stories

At some point in grade school I started receiving stationery as gifts.  Some of it I probably purchased after pouring through the Current catalog (every kid gets that, Better Homes and Gardens and Architectural Digest, right?!) or from a school fundraiser.

A few of the cards are still sitting on my paper shelf today. 

I’m not sure what I was (am) saving them for.  I suppose I just didn’t want to use them up! There is some music themed paper – including matching envelopes – from the days when I tried piano and clarinet.

One of my favorite sets included scenes of bears dancing, floating on a lake in a boat, and asleep in bed with a doll tucked under one paw. I even used those as inspiration for a custom snow skiing birthday invitation and matching thank you with a bear on skis in sixth grade.

Phil’s aunt is in town for an extended weekend. Her being here reminded me of the time she visited with us in Boston years ago.

We spoke about the art on different cards.

She likes to collect them as she goes when she finds ones she is fond of.  Sometimes she uses them as art prints, and sometimes she just wants to share them with others.

For many years she did a fair amount of traveling, so they become nice (packable) souvenirs as well.

The one she sent me then showed a small, shy figure dressed in a kimono.

Some people run out to the store to select a specific card for an occasion. Others stockpile a selection that will work for several situations.

A few curate them with friends in mind, or at least certain milestones they’d like to celebrate.

And some find the folded stock tucked away in folders and boxes years later.

Even in their blank state, they bring back memories and conversations and have stories to tell.


ps. What stories unfold from your stationery?

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