thank you for the thank you

thank you for thank yousOccasionally it feels like the right thing to do is to thank someone for a thank you!

Weird, right?


Our friends generously hosted us at their new home years ago so we could visit their city (and them!) after we moved away.  We threw them a housewarming celebration. Granted, it was in their condo, but we made all the arrangements and accommodations for the party to include our mutual friends as well as some of their personal coworkers and comrades.


We soon received a thank you package from them upon our return home to express their thanks to us!

We’ve known each other forever, so it was just cause for a laugh and note back explaining we were grateful for them…

Perhaps you’ve gotten caught in the circle of goodbyes and thank you’s while trying to make an exit from a dinner or celebration.

As we try to figure out how to graciously head out the door we end up repeating our thanks and don’t always know quite where to end.

Then again maybe that’s a Midwestern thing – like the “say hello to everyone for me” phone call parting.

Recently I received an incredible handwritten card and envelope, and I’m still a little unsure what I did to deserve it.

It takes a bit for me to rave about something and use superlatives.  However, I was actually giddy walking back from the mailbox when I discovered the beautiful calligraphy on the note addressed to myself.

My five year old wasn’t quite as impressed, but I was so excited I had to show someone.  When I explained that this was someone’s own handwriting she took another look and found it more fascinating.  She is practicing her writer’s workshop journaling for school and enjoys creating stories, so I thought this might peak her interest.  She said she wants to learn cursive next.

I couldn’t wait to open it. By now I figured out who it was from – someone I had sent “only” a congratulations card and note of thanks to when her baby was born.


I actually gushed over it.

It was a gift in itself – receiving a completely unexpected thank you.  And then…she included some vintage calligraphy nibs for me to try.

I’ve resisted the temptation to continue my circling thank you (until this post, I suppose).


It did make my day.


Which is exactly what she wrote about receiving my initial note.

In the end it seems we’re each sitting in a position of gratitude and joy for being acknowledged for our thoughtfulness.  So how about you?

Have you been thanked for a thank you or offered your own recently?

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