thank you card messages

Sometimes we think in our minds that we’re grateful for something, but the message of thanks doesn’t always make its way back to the person who wathankyoucardmessagess kind to us.


The season has been full of gift giving, time spent together, celebrations, and hosting friends and relatives.

As you embrace the new year, think for a moment about an exchange you had with someone over the last few weeks that meant something to you. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Perhaps it was a simple, quick encounter that has stuck with you.


Let the person know.


It could be a phone call or text or email.  I guarantee they’ll remember the gesture if you choose paper mail as the way to send your gratitude.


No matter how many beautifully wrapped gifts they’ve opened recently, you’ll bring instant curiosity – and then joy – to their day when they retrieve your note from the mailbox.


Amid the holiday bills and junk mail is a special greeting that you took an extra few minutes to put down on paper.


It just needs her name, your sentence of thanks, and perhaps a personal line to expand on her thoughtfulness.  Sign a closing and your own name. Thank you card messages need not be complicated.


Don’t worry about the type of paper or writing utensil.  It doesn’t matter what your handwriting looks like.  Make sure there’s a stamp affixed and her address is legible. Then pop it in the mail.

You certainly can create a whole slew of thank you notes for everything you received. They will be appreciated.


But just do one.


Make a meaningful connection with someone. Start your year off with a smile.

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