smilesbymegan packaging


Once I received a pair of kids tennies in the mail wrapped in beautiful turquoise tissue, sealed with sticker of the company’s logo and an organic sucker tucked inside.  There I was beaming over sneakers.

While I recycle shipping materials that are sent to me for smilesbymegan orders, you’ll often find a small doodle on the mailer.  Smaller batches of envelopes are wrapped with a belly band and sealed with a custom sticker label.  Many orders are slid into an eco plastic sleeve, also with a sticker.

Inside will be a handwritten thank you from me on the off-cuts from metallic or cotton cover stock from making my greeting cards.

I’ve also packaged card sets in an oversize chipboard pillow box.

Isn’t it fun to get mail?!

IMG_1042 IMG_1043

IMG_1044 IMG_1045

IMG_3617 IMG_6986

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