Hi Megan,

No flowers.
No swirls and flourishes.
No sappy poems.

My sister is very selective when choosing greeting cards (or explaining what cards she prefers to receive). You’re apt to get a glittery, pop up, or cartoon card that comes with stickers or space to decorate it yourself.

At first it seems a little ridiculous or a laundry list of restrictions you’d roll your eyes at.

But when you see the colorful envelope, you can’t help but wonder what will be inside this time.

And it’s sure to bring a smile to your day.

It was her birthday this past week. She received personalized drawings from the kiddos for this year’s card.  Although – it did include hand drawn flowers and jewels from my 5 year old…

Mockup Scene Creator


ps – What types of cards do you gravitate toward? Do you have your own rules about card your selections?