salvage a cake with paper

Online I found a beautiful ombre cake with fancy rosette frosting. I ordered the pastry bags and the number tip in the description.

Things were going well and I was impressed that my new gel paste colors worked on the cake mix and each thin layer came out of the pans in tact.


I looked up a video so I had a plan of action, (and my soon-to-be-six-year-old promptly found lots of very talented folks and plenty of ideas for other events) but needed to focus on the cake frosting task at hand.

The icing for the other cookies and the frosting recipe for the cake seemed to turn out. But it felt like I was putting in So. Much. Sugar.

There was a quick attempt at the roses, but I soon realized I hadn’t colored enough frosting for the whole project.

Here was a crossroads.
Do I mix and match colors?
Do I attempt to make it look like it was purposeful?
Why weren’t the roses sticking to the sides of the cake anyway!?

Of course one of the videos had a two toned fancy flower which I had to try, but that didn’t solve my problem either. The room was warm, and sticking the icing in the fridge didn’t help it stiffen up either.

Then I remembered another image I had seen.

IMG_0936  IMG_0937

No frosting on the sides and a banner across the top.
I could do that.

I even had a Make Your Own Banner that fit the ballerina/dance/twirl party theme.

After deleting the sample text, I was able to use my printer dialog box to shrink the scale of the pennants and put multiple copies on one page.

A few quick snips with a scissors left me with enough flags for both sides of my string. After finding two bamboo skewers, I used tiny pieces of tape to attach the string and one set of pennants. Then I added a few drops of glue to secure the second set and cover the string (but you could also make it one sided).

Perhaps, it isn’t the prettiest cake ever. My rationale is that the dessert was getting so sweet that way too much ice cream would have been necessary to compensate for slice on my plate.

But I decided to be happy with the 6 colored layers and the quick fix with the printable banner and move on to pin the tutu on the ballerina.


ps – Have you ever used paper as a quick fix for a food fail?

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