cocoa routine

The snow and cold temps mean playing out just long enough to get the snow blowing and shoveling done. Every once and a while its worth it to get all bundled to try sledding in the yard.

smilesbymegan_february mugs
My kindergartner is pretty self sufficient getting ready, so it’s not so much of a project.  But my little guy still needs assistance with everything.  Last time he did stay out until dinner though.

Snow and cold seem to then dictate hot chocolate upon reentry to the house.

On days when it’s too cold even after bundling in snow pants and neck warmers for school drop off, we opt for hot chocolate and books without the playing in the wind part.

It’s become our mid-morning “thing.”

St. Nick brought a train mug that has to be used.  I make his with milk and mine with water, so he of course needs a splash of water also.

“You read books with me, mom,” he says picking out his pretzels or peanut snack.

I originally made these mugs with paper patterns an online graphic artist friend was promoting as a new scrapbooking line.  The print is still hanging in my family room, I’m afraid, so now it’s time to update the design with a fresh look.

Enjoy your warm drink and your favorite read. Or maybe jot a note to a friend while you sip.




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