once upon a time there were four little rabbits…

Hi Friend,
In hopes of showing more behind the scenes and work in progress pictures, I finally caved and started an Instagram account.

Here’s a chance to see more of what’s on the drawing board in the studio.

Other places I find color and connection in the world will also appear.

Take a peek at the baby shower invitations hopping off to celebrate a new arrival.

bunnies baby shower
The original “theme” was pink and grey.

But then the excited hostesses went shopping and returned with carrots, ceramic pottery, cuddly hares, and napkins printed with antique roses and pink peonies.

And here’s a portion of an orange wedding suite. I was challenged to highlight the bride’s favorite color.

orange wedding
The catch was I had to prevent it from looking like a pumpkin.

Paired with metallic mandarin envelopes, the painted watercolor wash and crisp crystal metallic cover stock set the tone for a formal social club occasion.

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