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Sharing art with others is a great feeling. And sometimes, it’s even more fun to explore work when it is not your own and you’re just out enjoying the art.

An art festival is a wonderful place to blend in with the crowd meandering through booths in awe at the inspirational creativity and talent on display.


chris ann abigt bobreiberg


The Danceprints definitely caught my eye from across the park. The whole wall of photos was quite the sight. The frozen movement of the dancers with the black and white contrast captures their strong, elegant performance.

Drawings and paintings that have a photographic quality and are rooted in reality draw my attention – especially in children’s books.  Chris Abigt’s river stones capture the light and movement of the lapping water.

This next image appeared on Facebook the day before the festival as Bob Reiberg was prepping for his travel to the show.  The Raku bowls particularly drew several comments from eager shoppers.

Pop art doesn’t always fit my style, but I spotted a piece the winning bidder was retrieving from the silent auction tent. My guess is it was from Carla Bank because of the beautiful colors and fun designs. This is another example of her art.

The Metal Work by Cherie happens to be called “Making Connections,” so how could I not include that?!


images from their respective artists Erik Saulitis | Danceprints,
Chris Abigt Art and Bob Reiberg | Reiberg Ceramics,
Carla Bank and Cherie Haney | Metal Art By Cherie
Jessie Fritsch
Tim Brudnicki | Eau Claire Woodworks


As I looked for the images to share with you, I got pulled into these two artist sites.

See Jessie Fritsch’s explanation of her process painting with beeswax and hear Tim Brudnicki talk about his materials and inspiration.

Enjoy a sneak peak into these two Wisconsin artists’ studios.


ps. What great art stories (from a an artist’s piece or process) have you heard lately?


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