glow party

Kids only turn into teenagers once!  This family is celebrating this exciting milestone with a special thirteenth birthday party.

The mother contacted me about the sports photo centerpieces, but as she explained her big plans, I ended up customizing the design just for their glow in the dark themed party.

Each of the four photo centerpieces highlights different friends and family members and shows off the varied interests of the birthday girl.  Then mom came up with a huge assortment of creative kid-friendly drink options and the table cards became drink menus.

Look at all the choices – yum!

glow party 4 glow party 5 glow party 2 glow party 1

Originally I toyed with the idea of turning the photos a bright blue more like you see with a black light or the ambient light from glow sticks.  But mom had a favorite photo that she preferred not to edit.

So, turning all the photos black and white gave them a more consistent look without distorting the memories and experiences portrayed in them.

Neon colors are harder to print and get to look just right.  They are fabulous on a back lit monitor.  So keeping bright green, blue, orange, pink, and yellow throughout the design hints at a glow party and bridges being a child with becoming a young adult.

Hope it was a wonderful glow party!