creating a bouquet of flowers


One recent Saturday I was in a funk.  A friend and former boss was asking to replenish her card supply that she sends out to clients – appointment reminders, birthday greetings, and thank yous. She had selected similar artwork to what she chose last time and gave some suggestions to what she had in mind.

But I really wanted something new for her.  (I was a little tired of looking at the same artwork myself!)

The paint was getting muddled, The colors weren’t fantastic. I was crunched for time and beating myself up for stalling over it – I /like/ this work after all!

I even gave up for a while and hid in my room, but that didn’t make the art look any better.

So I separated out each piece instead of trying to paint the whole bouquet at once.

smilesbymegan_watercolorprocess3 smilesbymegan_watercolorprocess2

smilesbymegan_watercolorprocess smilesbymegan_watecolorprocess4


After scanning each page, I erased all the background to make them each transparent and single blooms so I could layer them on the computer.

I’m also able to adjust the color and brightness and flip them from side to side to make a few different flowers from a single painting.




Then I arranged the flowers and greenery into a few different bouquets to make images that work on several styles of cards and prints.

Once the final pictures started to form, I got back in my groove and felt good about how they turned out in the end.

Sometimes it takes a few tries to get my ideas out for others to see, and the whole process needs a little push to keep going and transform into beautiful art that I love to share.

purplesandpods                 purplesandpods



PS. I hope this little peek inside my process brings a smile to your day!

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