who needs to hear from you today?

Who needs to hear from you today? 

Maybe it’s the lady who orchestrated the entire art festival at the end of summer.
What about the guy who skillfully combined timely topics in a presentation that kept a large audience focused and engaged?

Then there’s the friend whose body is fighting her and would appreciate a distraction with no pity attached.
Or the client whose wedding is days away desperately wanting everything to fall into place and everyone to have a wonderful time.

A thank you or a hello – you’ve thought of doing it many times.

Something comes up, or the timing isn’t right, or you dread having to revise and edit your words.  But you want to say what you mean and express your ideas in a way that the recipient feels your intent.

What are you doing for the next 5 minutes?

Make it a little more fun and a little less of a chore. A negative view of revising affects your experience of writing and what you have to say.  The whole point is to bring joy and delight to the person receiving the note from you, so don’t let modifying the letter drag you down.

Instead, light a candle or sit in the sunlight.  Get comfortable so the scene is set for a special place you enjoy.

Grab your favorite drink or snack. It might even be that chocolate chocolate chip cookie you’ve been craving, or just your go-to mug of hot cocoa that makes you happy.

Pour out your thoughts – Instead of critiquing your prose while still staring at the blank page, start writing whatever comes to your mind.

Write the middle first and then go back to the beginning and end. While you want to have a main topic to focus on, you may find the original idea you had isn’t where you end up.

Put a few thoughts on smaller pieces of paper, and physically rearrange them until you’re happy with the result.

Re-read and change some words making them more descriptive and engaging.

You’ve done it!  Reworking your note may even bring a smile to your own day.

Now you’ve said what you set out to express and made a meaningful connection with someone in the process.

Pop this #happymail in your mailbox and reward yourself for a job well done.

happy mail

PS. While you’re thinking about all the things and people you’re grateful for this week, take 5 minutes to write one down ( and don’t edit it until you’ve gotten your ideas on paper!)

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