love + connection

February is usually the month to celebrate romance.

But the person who keeps your secrets, inspires you, and is your biggest supporter may not have the mushy, lovey-dovey relationship most people think of for Valentine’s Day.

This is someone with whom you can be yourself.  As the proverb goes, “You may not see them, but you know they are there.”

So perhaps this weekend is the perfect chance to celebrate a friendship  – someone you love, is always in the back of your mind, who laughs with you.


Without love + connection, we have nothing.

-Brené Brown


It’s easy to flag her email for later so you have time to write the novel response they deserve.

Maybe you’ve caught yourself hanging onto her voicemail until you have some uninterrupted time to return that call.

I have a friend who always sends a quick note to say he has enjoyed meeting up with us even if we’ve said our goodbyes and thank yous in person.

Sending a short, more frequent note is do-able (and actually stands a chance of getting done!)

Follow up with someone this weekend to say you had a good time when you saw her last.   


That gesture – that connection – is guaranteed to help some of that love and a feeling of fulfillment flourish in your friendship.


ps – Happy Valentine’s Day, friend!  Have you seen Jessica Hische talk about her new USPS Forever stamp design?