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Confession: I struggle with Christmas cards too.

[spoiler alert]  Mine are still sitting in a pile waiting to be worked on.

Concerts, fundraisers, staff appreciation, ordering gifts, wrapping (who are we kidding – my wrapping isn’t started)…

I thought about doing them in October or November, especially since I was sick last year and gave up on sending any at all. But it seemed too early before Halloween and Thanksgiving.

And then I stalled because I didn’t know what to create. (It’s challenging to be your own client especially if you keep moving your deadline to get other things done!)

With multiple concerts, school events, dinners besides the regular lessons and meetings, the cards keep getting delayed to the next day on my to do list.

A friend of mine polled her friends about how many cards they each send.  The comments were interesting.  Several unapologetically announced None, and others send into the hundreds.  A common number was 50.

You want them to be special.
It costs time and money to send them out.
There are so many choices for cards.
The family photo didn’t turn out as you’d hoped.
You have to think up what to say.
Your address book is a mess.
You don’t have any stamps on hand.

There have been just a few in our mailbox this year and several via email.

Those envelopes are tasked with the job of carrying lots of pictures and stories from home to home.

This year, some of the ones I have finished are more like thank you’s acknowledging work that really helped out organizations and my family. Others are a quick hello and a minute to catch up with what we’ve been up to.

Several events recently incorporated giving projects like food, mittens and hats, or wish list gifts for families in need. The outpouring of donations surprised me and really made me appreciate the community and everyone’s generosity. It’s especially sweet when the kids get in on the giving and doing something for others.

Santa made a quick stop at school last night and paused before he left to share the joy he felt while sharing the evening with all the kids and their families.

It’s not about a card.

It’s not about an extravagant letter highlighting everything that’s happened in the last months.
It’s not about a perfect picture where everyone’s eyes are open and smiling at the photographer.

You’re sending time and connection.

You’re delivering a gift – and all it needs is a piece of paper and a sentence or two.
It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Just send one, and it doesn’t have to be anything related to Christmas.

Or write one quick thought on a gift tag, and you’re sure to bring a smile and make someone’s day.

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PS. Write out ONE card this weekend and get it in the mail on Monday.  That special someone will truly appreciate your time and thoughtfulness when they receive a sentence or two knowing you’re thinking of them today.

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