friendship pictures


Although we finished our reading challenge from last year, we still are surrounded by lots of books!

Here are a few new favorites we discovered about friendship and love we think you’d enjoy.

friendship pictures smilesbymegan

Scribbleville | Peter Holwitz
It doesn’t matter if you’re made of scribble lines or straight ones.  Everyone has their differences, but we can be kind and less judgmental of others – maybe we’ll make a new friend.

Keep Love in Your Heart, Little One | Giles Andreae
Do you ever talk to someone when you think they’re sleeping and let them know all the things you’ve wanted to tell them. Sometimes it’s hard to say something directly, but you still want to express the sentiment so they know how you feel.

Magic Box | Katie Cleminson
Look what happens when you use your imagination to pull a pet out of a magic box!  Join the party and enjoy the fun illustrations.

We Love Each Other | Yusuke Yonezu
The animals make different shapes showing love and togetherness. I was impressed my little guy knew what almost all of them were. Lift the flap pages are always a hit.

Love, Mouserella | David Ezra Stein
Sometimes paper mail is just better.  Peek at  the correspondence from Mouserella in the city to her grandmother in the country. Maybe you’ll be inspired to send off your own note.

One Cool Friend | Tony Buzzeo
Sneak a penguin home from the aquarium in your backpack and find out what happens next through ink, watercolor, and pencil illustrations, and a story with a twist.



ps – what are you reading?