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What would you like to know about me?  About Smiles by Megan?  Ask me anything!  Just reply with your question and I’ll send you a note back.Happy Friday!Here’s what I’m up to…

{ c u r r e n t l y }

Chip Kidd’s
A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design
You’d recognize many of his book cover designs, including several for Michael Crichton – like Jurassic Park.
…working on
paper flowers for a Girl Scout Daisy greeting card service project to reuse magazine pages and bring a smile to someone’s day.
journal prompts to help brainstorm and develop valuable content instead of just adding to the noise.
door decorations for some “lucky” kindergarteners
… (NOT) eating
I brought home cookies after sorting a semi load of cases for our area. But my husband made yummy brownies, so we actually haven’t opened any of our boxes yet.
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