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My parents have always liked the idea of sailing.

When my brother was born they put up a sailboat border and a wall of seagulls and a sand-looking stripe on the bottom.  His announcements said “Ships Ahoy, It’s a Boy” and grandma crocheted a blanket and pillow cover with sailboats.


It is a hobby that is hard to keep up with when you don’t live on a lake, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t give it a valiant effort.  Dad bought a “C” boat at auction – much bigger than our little sunfish, and put a lot of work into re-rigging  it.

It only made it out of the driveway a few times because really you needed someone also in the speedboat ready to come rescue the sailor and unstick the mast from the mud when the boat overturned.

While I’m comfortable out on the water, I wasn’t as secure on a sailboat.  From shore it always seemed zig zagging in the tubes behind the power boat and digging your feet in to have serious water fights held much more excitement.  When out in the open, it always seemed like there was so much to concentrate on with the keel and unsnapping lines.

“Ready About? Ready! Hard Alee!” We had to say (and then DUCK! so as not to be struck by the mast as it swung around on a turn). 

Perhaps it was a bit of impatience with the sails lufting in the wind trying to find the sweet spot.  I don’t think I’ve ever had to do much bailing with the scoop cut out of an empty vinegar bottle clipped to the rope. And I don’t remember ever flipping the boat either.  But as much as I crave the speed and wind in my hair at the bow, hiking on edge always made me nervous.

I know how to tie knots and I understand the basics even if I’m not a true sailor.



Maybe someday soon I’ll get another chance.  For now I’m content to imagine the sun’s reflection glittering off the smooth surface and waves lapping gently against a sandy shore, head tipped back to feel the breeze against my face.

Last month we saw Anything Goes. It’s one of those shows I don’t default to when selecting listening music, but I always enjoy singing along when it plays.   Most of the story takes place on an ocean liner crossing from New York to London.

Nightclub singer Reno Sweeney’s costumes helped inspire the latest nautical patterns and printable stationery designs.

I’m so excited to share them with you – Don’t miss the coordinating pieces below!


Nautical theme printable stationery with editable fields –
Personalized baby shower, engagement party, retirement or milestone birthday stationery without the wait.


Watch A Video on How the Stationery Works


+flat card (3 per page – use as an invite, menu card, or event signage)
+letter size stationery (print to fit 5×7 or 4×6 with your printer picture previewer)
+#10 square flap envelope liner (envelope sold separately)
+A2 thank you card
+A2 envelope template
+A2 envelope liner
+credit card size sleeve template
+treat baggie decorative topper
+cupcake toppers – 2″ and 4″
+social media event cover photo image
+food tent labels
+coordinating pattern sheet for sticker seals
+ instruction/tips sheet



ps – See coordinating pieces below.


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