I send pictures of the kids to my own grandparents because they don’t all keep up with us online, but should make it a more frequent happening.

This venture expanded when I received an invitation to my great aunt’s birthday celebration. It mentioned that since her caregiver receives all the bills she hardly gets any mail, but she checks it every day.

I have had many pen pals over the years. The letters evolved from sticker covered wide-ruled lined notebook paper, to colored marker text, to including my patterns and art depending on our ages and interests.

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I work with clients in three distinct ways…

– DIY printable greeting cards and decor
– Ready to print and ship handmade greeting cards and decor
Personalized, handmade greeting cards and decor

It’s human nature to desire that feeling of belonging.

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Handmade greeting cards with handwritten “thank yous” and “thinking of yous” don’t go out of style. Special moments in life should be elegantly shared.