letters and cards

Stopping at the mailbox and seeing a hand written address or a colorful envelope brings great joy to your day.

You can barely suppress a smile knowing someone is thinking of you, and you relish in the fact that they want to share a moment just with you.

The junk mail, bills, and advertisements get dropped on the counter as you pause from your busy routine to see what’s enclosed in the precious package.



postcard stampsGetting mail brings a smile to someone’s day – I love helping make that happen.

I send art and anecdotes to people who love getting mail. This venture began when I received an invitation to my great aunt’s birthday celebration. It mentioned that since her caregiver receives all the bills she hardly gets any mail, but she checks it every day.

I have had many pen pals over the years. The letters evolved from sticker covered wide-ruled lined notebook paper, to colored marker text, to including my patterns and art depending on our ages and interests.

My inspiration comes from architecture, nature and my clients.These are all my paintings, sketches, and artwork. Helping fulfill an idea someone has makes me happy.

Recycled, salvaged, sustainably made, high quality, thick materials are important to me. Everything is proudly designed, printed, and assembled in my Wisconsin studio, so smaller quantities are no problem.


meganZSprofilepic_google+-150x150Handmade greeting cards with handwritten “thank yous” and “thinking of yous” don’t go out of style. Special moments in life should be elegantly shared.



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